IRCC updates for permanent residence in Canada for 2023 and here is all there is to know

IRCC updates for permanent residence in Canada for 2023 and here is all there is to know.

If you live in Canada full time there is a very huge chance that you just heard of the new IRCC update for the new Canadain residents and also if you are planning to relocate to Canada there is also somethibg you will need to know and this is it below as stated.

This new policy is a great news for people who want to further their education and acquire additional training, especially those who need to upskill or confirm their international credentials via specific programs.

With this new temporary provision in place for three years, work permit holders are free to enrol in full- or part-time studies for as long as their work permits are in effect or until the policy’s expiry.

A foreign worker must still apply for a study visa if they want to continue their education beyond the time allowed by their work permit.

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IRCC Allows Foreign Workers To Study Without Authorization


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