12 Part-Time Jobs in Finland International Students Can Pursue Upon Arrival

Finland, renowned for its high-quality education system and breathtaking landscapes, is an attractive destination for international students. While studying in Finland, many students seek part-time employment opportunities to supplement their income, gain work experience, and immerse themselves in the local culture.

Fortunately, Finland offers a range of part-time job options that cater to international students’ needs. Here are 12 part-time jobs that international students can consider upon their arrival in Finland.

Retail Positions

Working in retail, such as cashier or sales assistant, is a common part-time job for international students. It provides an opportunity to improve communication skills and interact with locals, contributing to a better understanding of Finnish culture.

Restaurant and Café Jobs

Finland’s vibrant culinary scene offers opportunities for students to work as servers, baristas, or kitchen assistants. This not only helps in earning extra income but also provides insight into Finnish cuisine.

Language Tutoring

International students proficient in their native language or other languages can offer tutoring services to fellow students or locals seeking language lessons. This is a great way to share cultural insights while earning money.

Freelance Writing and Translation

Students with strong language skills can explore freelance writing or translation opportunities. Many companies and individuals look for language experts to help them with content creation or translation tasks.

IT Support

Finland has a growing tech industry, and international students with IT skills can find part-time positions providing technical support or assistance. This can be an excellent way to gain hands-on experience in the field.

Research Assistant

For students in academic fields, becoming a research assistant can be a valuable part-time job. It not only supplements income but also enhances academic knowledge and research skills.

Tour Guide or Hospitality Jobs

Finland attracts tourists from around the world, and international students can find opportunities to work as tour guides or in hospitality roles in hotels, hostels, or tourist attractions.

Event Staff

Students can explore part-time work in event management or as event staff for concerts, conferences, and festivals. This provides a chance to engage with diverse groups of people and build a network.

Delivery Services

With the rise of online shopping and food delivery services, international students can consider part-time positions as delivery drivers or couriers. This flexible option allows students to manage their schedules effectively.

Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer

Students passionate about fitness and wellness can pursue part-time positions as fitness instructors or personal trainers. Gyms and fitness centers often look for enthusiastic individuals to join their teams.

Social Media Management

Students with skills in social media marketing and management can offer their services to local businesses looking to enhance their online presence. This part-time job allows for flexibility and creativity.

Childcare Services

International students interested in working with children can explore part-time opportunities as babysitters or childcare providers. This can be a rewarding experience while earning additional income.


International students arriving in Finland have a plethora of part-time job opportunities that align with their skills and interests. Whether in retail, hospitality, education, or technology, these part-time positions not only contribute to financial stability but also offer valuable cultural experiences and skill development.

Before pursuing any employment, students should ensure they comply with Finnish regulations and obtain the necessary permits, allowing them to balance work and studies effectively.