Here are 10 jobs in Finland International Students Can Do When They Arrive

Now you are here, let us talk about the jobs whoch are open to Immigrants in Finland who are looking for other ways to make a living and suppliment their income while in Finland.

And surprisingly this is not even as hard to find and here is the jobs you can do when you arrive in Finland as an immigrant.

International students in Finland can explore various part-time job opportunities while studying. Finland offers a range of job options for students that can help them cover living expenses and gain valuable work experience.

Here are 10 jobs that international students can consider:

1. Retail Sales Assistant: Working in retail stores, such as clothing shops or supermarkets, is a common job option for international students. It provides customer service experience and often offers flexible hours.

2. Restaurant or Cafe Server: Many restaurants, cafes, and bars hire international students as servers or kitchen staff. This role can be an excellent way to improve language skills and earn tips.

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3. Tutoring or Language Teaching: If you excel in a particular subject or speak multiple languages, you can offer tutoring services to other students or teach your native language to locals.

4. Internships: Some universities facilitate internships for international students in fields related to their studies, allowing them to gain practical experience while earning a stipend.

5. Research Assistant: If you have strong academic skills, you may find opportunities to work as a research assistant in your department or a related field.

6. IT Support or Web Development: If you have technical skills, you can look for part-time work in IT support or web development positions, which are in demand in Finland.

7. Freelancing or Remote Work: Depending on your skill set, you can explore freelancing opportunities in graphic design, writing, programming, or other remote work options that allow you to work online.

8. Au Pair: Some families in Finland hire international students as au pairs to help with childcare and household chores in exchange for room and board.

9. Tour Guide or Event Staff: In tourist areas, you might find work as a tour guide or as event staff during festivals and conferences.

10. Delivery Driver or Courier: With a valid driver’s license, you can work as a delivery driver for food delivery services or courier companies, which often offer flexible schedules.

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Remember to check the regulations and restrictions for international students regarding working hours and permits in Finland. Most international students can work part-time during their studies, but there may be limitations on the number of hours you can work.

Additionally, it’s essential to balance work with your studies to ensure academic success.