Top 60 Unskilled Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Canada

Canada is a country known for its welcoming and inclusive immigration policies. While skilled workers have numerous opportunities to secure jobs with visa sponsorship, there are also ample options for individuals with limited skills and qualifications.

These unskilled job opportunities can provide a gateway for foreign workers to enter Canada and build a better future for themselves and their families.

In this article, we present the top 60 unskilled jobs that offer visa sponsorship in Canada.

1. Fruit and Vegetable Pickers: Seasonal opportunities exist across Canada for individuals willing to work in agriculture.

2. Farm Laborers: Similar to pickers, farm laborers help with various tasks on farms.

3. Landscape Laborers: Working in landscaping, grounds maintenance, and gardening.

4. Construction Laborers: Assisting construction crews on various building projects.

5. Warehouse Workers: Helping with inventory, packaging, and distribution.

6. Janitors and Cleaners: Keeping commercial and residential spaces clean and tidy.

7. Housekeepers: Providing cleaning services in hotels and private homes.

8. Hospitality Workers: Restaurants and hotels often hire kitchen staff, servers, and housekeeping personnel.

9. Caregivers: Opportunities for elderly and childcare are available, requiring compassion and dedication.

10. Home Support Workers: Assisting individuals with disabilities in their daily tasks.

11. Retail Sales Associates: Working in stores and assisting customers.

12. Cashiers: Handling transactions at retail establishments.

13. Delivery Drivers: Transporting goods and packages to customers.

14. Truck Drivers: Driving commercial vehicles for transportation companies.

15. Taxi Drivers: Providing transportation services in urban areas.

16. Customer Service Representatives: Handling customer inquiries and complaints.

17. Fast Food Workers: Working in quick-service restaurants.

18. Dairy Farm Workers: Assisting with milking and other farm tasks.

19. Fish Processing Workers: Working in seafood processing plants.

20. Poultry Farm Workers: Assisting with raising and caring for poultry.

21. Meat Processing Workers: Employed in meat packing plants.

22. Factory Workers: Working in manufacturing and production plants.

23. Assemblers: Building products on assembly lines.

24. Car Wash Attendants: Cleaning and detailing vehicles at car wash facilities.

25. Hotel Room Attendants: Preparing rooms for guests in the hospitality sector.

26. General Laborers: Performing various manual tasks as needed.

27. Food Processing Workers: Working in food production and packaging.

28. Bakery Assistants: Helping with baking and pastry preparation.

29. Garbage Collectors: Collecting and disposing of waste materials.

30. Landscaping Laborers: Assisting with outdoor maintenance and beautification.

31. House Painters: Helping with interior and exterior painting projects.

32. Factory Packers: Packaging products in manufacturing facilities.

33. Production Line Workers: Working on production lines in various industries.

34. Street Cleaners: Keeping public areas free of litter.

35. Shelf Stockers: Replenishing products on store shelves.

36. Bus Cleaners: Maintaining cleanliness in public transportation.

37. Laundry Attendants: Working in laundromats or hotels to wash and fold linens.

38. Nannies: Providing childcare services for families.

39. Pet Sitters: Taking care of pets in the owner’s absence.

40. Security Guards: Ensuring safety and security in various establishments.

41. Door-to-door Salespersons: Engaging in direct sales activities.

42. Store Clerks: Assisting customers and managing inventory.

43. Call Center Operators: Handling incoming and outgoing calls for customer support.

44. Dishwashers: Assisting in restaurant kitchens with dishwashing duties.

45. Forklift Operators: Operating forklifts in warehouses and factories.

46. House Painters: Assisting with interior and exterior painting projects.

47. Shipyard Laborers: Working in shipbuilding and repair facilities.

48. Sawmill Workers: Operating machinery in wood processing plants.

49. Slaughterhouse Workers: Assisting in the meat processing industry.

50. Furniture Assemblers: Putting together furniture pieces in warehouses.

51. Egg Farm Workers: Assisting with the care and collection of eggs.

52. Greenhouse Laborers: Working in greenhouse facilities for plant cultivation.

53. Cattle Ranch Workers: Assisting in the care of cattle.

54. Forest Laborers: Working in forestry and logging operations.

55. Newspaper Delivery Drivers: Delivering newspapers to subscribers.

56. Car Park Attendants: Managing parking lots and collecting fees.

57. Construction Site Cleaners: Keeping construction sites tidy and safe.

58. Metal Fabrication Workers: Assisting in metalworking and welding.

59. Ship Cleaners: Cleaning and maintaining vessels.

60. Textile Factory Workers: Working in textile manufacturing plants.


Canada offers a diverse range of opportunities for unskilled workers seeking visa sponsorship. From agriculture to hospitality and various other industries, these jobs provide an entry point for individuals looking to build a better future in Canada.

As you consider these options, it’s essential to research specific requirements, working conditions, and potential pathways for career growth.

Remember that dedication and a strong work ethic can lead to fulfilling opportunities and a bright future in the welcoming country of Canada.

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