14 Entry-Level Jobs for Unskilled Workers in the UK

For unskilled individuals who have recently arrived in the UK, finding gainful employment can be a crucial step towards establishing themselves and building a successful future.

While the job market may seem daunting, there are various entry-level opportunities available for unskilled workers.

These jobs often require minimal or no prior experience, providing an excellent starting point for newcomers to the country. In this article, we will explore 14 jobs unskilled people can pursue in the UK when they arrive.

1. Retail Assistant:

Retail positions are abundant in the UK, offering opportunities to work in supermarkets, department stores, and specialty shops. Retail assistants typically engage in tasks such as stocking shelves, assisting customers, and operating cash registers.

2. Warehouse Operative:

As an unskilled worker, you can find work in warehouses or distribution centers, responsible for tasks like packing, sorting, and loading goods for shipment. This job often involves working in a team and adhering to safety protocols.

3. Housekeeping and Cleaning:

The hospitality industry provides numerous opportunities for unskilled individuals to work as housekeepers, maintaining cleanliness in hotels, resorts, and guesthouses. Attention to detail and efficiency are crucial in this role.

4. Delivery Driver:

With the growing demand for online shopping, delivery driver positions have become more accessible. Many companies require delivery drivers to deliver packages to customers’ doorsteps, making this an ideal option for those who enjoy driving.

5. Construction Laborer:

Construction sites often need unskilled laborers to assist with various tasks, such as carrying materials, cleaning the site, and providing support to skilled tradespeople. While physically demanding, this job can be rewarding for those looking for hands-on work.

6. Caregiver/Support Worker:

Jobs in the care sector are available for individuals with a compassionate nature. Caregivers and support workers assist the elderly, disabled, or vulnerable individuals with daily tasks, offering essential services to those in need.

7. Kitchen Assistant:

In the catering industry, unskilled individuals can find employment as kitchen assistants. Responsibilities include food preparation, dishwashing, and maintaining a clean workspace.

8. Cleaner:

Aside from hospitality cleaning, individuals can also work as cleaners for businesses, offices, or residential properties. This job may include dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and maintaining a tidy environment.

9. Farm Worker:

The agricultural sector offers opportunities for unskilled workers to assist with farming tasks, such as harvesting crops, planting, and general farm maintenance.

10. Cashier:

Apart from retail settings, unskilled workers can work as cashiers in petrol stations, convenience stores, or fast-food outlets. This role involves handling transactions, providing customer service, and maintaining a neat checkout area.

11. Data Entry Operator:

For individuals comfortable with computers and basic data handling, data entry positions are available in various industries, allowing them to input information into databases or spreadsheets.

12. Receptionist:

As a receptionist, unskilled individuals can find jobs in offices, hotels, or medical centers. Duties include answering phone calls, greeting visitors, and scheduling appointments.

13. Cleaner at Events:

Event venues often require extra staff to clean up after concerts, conferences, and other gatherings. This job can be temporary but provides a good opportunity for newcomers to earn some income.

14. Fast Food Crew Member:

Fast-food chains regularly hire unskilled workers as crew members. Responsibilities include taking orders, preparing food, and maintaining the cleanliness of the restaurant.


Finding a job as an unskilled worker in the UK is achievable with the right approach and determination. These entry-level positions provide valuable work experience, helping newcomers integrate into the job market and society. While these jobs may not require specialized skills, they offer opportunities for personal growth, learning, and potential career advancement. As individuals gain experience and develop their skills, they can explore other avenues and pursue more promising career paths in the future.

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