How do I choose the right university or college for me as an international student in Canada?

There are many ways to choose the right school for you and if you are coming to Canada as a student or any other country then you might need to consider these things before you actually get started with it.

here are the things you need to consider;

  1. Program availability
  2. Type of school – for example, university, college, vocational school or institute
  3. Type of degree – for example, certificate, diploma, or degree
  4. Location
  5. Size of school and how many students are usually in a class
  6. Reputation of school and job placement rate of graduates
  7. Quality of facilities and resources – for example, libraries and technical equipment
  8. Opportunities for work experience – for example, is there a cooperative (“co-op”)
  9. program?
  10. Fees and financial aid options – for example, scholarships and grants
  11. Admissions requirements
  12. Faculty, staff
  13. Ability to accommodate special needs – for example, access to equipment for students with physical disabilities, special arrangements for students with learning disabilities
  14. Recreational and other activities – for example, sports, clubs or school newspaper

It is important to research the institution, especially when your money is involved. Try to talk with someone at the institution if you have anyone there or you can watch videos online and see peoples reviews about the same school you are about to go to.

Canada does not have an official university ranking system. Some magazines and newspapers publish rankings, but these are not official. Many universities do not participate in these rankings, and therefore it is difficult to say if these rankings are accurate.

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